Member Spotlight: Sheila Bjerrum

Company/Organization:  Home Health of Midwest Covenant Home

Hometown:        Stromsburg, NE

Education:           A.D. Nursing, University of Nebraska Med Center,

                             B.S. Human and Social Services Administration,
                             Bellevue University, 2002

Family:                Husband:  Dennis
                             Children and Stepchildren:  Brooklyn, Jesse, Dana, Ashley, Dylan

                             Grandchildren:  Hayden (12), Brock (10), Taryn     
                             (9), Landen (8), Rylen (4), Cecily (2)

Hobbies:            All sports, crocheting, reading, sewing, yard work

Favorite TV Show or Movie?    Anything on the Food Network and Fixer Upper

Favorite Vacation Spot:            Colorado or any place warm

Favorite App or Technology:      Amazon Prime

Why Did You Choose to Become a Home Health, Home Care or Hospice Provider?
I have previous home health experience in 1991 – 2000 (Polk County Health Department) and 2009 – 2012 (Tabitha Health Care Services – York).  When I received the phone call to start a new home health agency in my hometown, it seemed natural to come back “home”.

Mentor Who Has Helped Me the Most in My Career: 
Joanne Petrik and Chris Young.  Joanne was a Nurse Consultant and Interim Administrator that I worked under while I was a Director of Nursing.  She demonstrated compassion for staff and residents while managing the entire facility.  Chris Young was Administrator while I was Director of Nursing as well.  I learned to see things from a larger perspective through his vision.  I still quote to this day, “What’s the worst that can happen?”  He taught me to look at our vision and see how to best achieve that.  Both have helped to shape my nursing philosophy.

How Do You See Your Profession Changing in the Next Few Years? 
In Home Care we see patients with increasingly difficult illnesses and debilities. Skilled nurses are needed to assist patients in managing these complex co-morbidities. Yet, reimbursement is more difficult to obtain and manage. I am concerned that the demands placed on nurses and changes in reimbursement will negatively affect the availability of accessible and quality home care.  Home care will need to be even more creative in their ability to handle these challenges.

Why Are You a Nebraska Home Care Association Member and What Value Do You Receive From Your Membership?
Being a new home health agency, I have appreciated the education and trainings offered by the Association. Not only is the information valuable but the networking opportunities enable home care staff to connect with and learn from each other.

Something About Me Not Everyone Knows:
I drive the combine during harvest!

What Is a Best Practice or a New Idea You’ve Recently Implemented in Your Facility?
We are a brand new agency so just being able to see patients is a new idea for us! We hope to adopt some current best practices into our caregiving.

Career You’d Like to Try if You Weren’t a Home Health, Home Care or Hospice Provider:
I also love long term care nursing. If I could work outside of the health field, I would like to have a craft store or sewing business.

Share a Story About Caring for a Patient that Was a Rewarding Experience:
This is a challenge for me. Over the 32+ years that I have been a nurse, I have so many memories to share. The most rewarding experience for me is when I have been able to help someone grow as a person. Being ill is not pleasant for anyone. As a nurse, we are tasked with the caring for a patient’s physical needs but even more important than that, is the relationship that builds between you and your patient.  It’s this caregiving of the patient that develops into the compassion and trust that patients need on their life journey. Opening my heart to my patients has been the most rewarding experience for me.


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